NVRH is proud to offer a variety of wellness benefits to its employees.The wellness benefit was initiated to improve the overall health of NVRH employees and to help individual employees overcome specific health-related hurdles.  It provides benefits, activities, and training to improve and promote employee health and fitness.

Employee & Family Reimbursed Programs

NVRH will reimburse each employee or a member of their family who is on the NVRH medical plan, or eligible to be on the health plan, an annual amount of $200.00 annually (before taxes) for:

  • Weight Watchers (a weight reduction program that is supervised and has a fee associated with it)
  • Any aerobic fitness program or aerobic activity in which a fee must be paid. This would cover any health clubs, aerobic programs and or equipment, tennis, swimming, skiing or fees for usage of cross country skiing/hiking/biking trails and participation in the CSA. A detailed receipt must be produced.
  • Any activity from the NVRH Wellness Calendar. Please ask for a receipt for your participation.
  • Massage therapy from a massage therapist. A valid receipt is required for reimbursement.
  • Heart Healthy Contract. Employees may use their $100.00 reimbursement by participating in the cardio exercise of their choice for at least 2-4 hours per week for the entire year. The 2015 Heart Healthy contract can be found above, under the Wellness Program Forms. You sign the contract at the beginning of the calendar year, retain it until the end of December, then submit with the Wellness Reimbursement Form at the end of December.
  • CSA Program: Provides access to locally grown produce delivered each week during the growing season to the hospital. Call Sharon Anderson, 748-7490 for more information.
  • Race Entry fees
  • Cookbooks
  • Naturopathic therapy
  • Holistic Treatments
  • Reiki & Mindfulness activities
  • Wearables, sport gear protective equipment
  • Sneakers or boots – running, walking, trail etc.
  • Health & Wellbeing Workshops, seminars etc.

Don’t forget about the single sign on for wellness resources at https://www.healthplansinc.com/members


September 2017

RecFit Program

  • All NVRH employees will be able to use the RecFit center free of charge.
  • This benefit does not extend to employees families.
  • Employees interested in a RecFit membership will need to show their NVRH photo id.
  • A RecFit photo id card will be issued and must be used when accessing the RecFit center facilities.
  • M-F 5:30am – 8:30pm. Sat 6a-2p. Sun. – Closed. RecFit is planning to be open on Sundays early in 2015.
  • Membership includes some classes. Employees should always call RecFit first to ask if the class is part of their membership, or if there is a fee.
  • For more information on RecFit go to www.recfitstj.org

St. Johnsbury Recreation and Fitness Center
49 Perkins Street, St. Johnsbury, VT 05819
(802) 751-2305

Take Control of your Health Today!

Heart Healthy Wellness or YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program Contract
Diabetes Self-Management Education Programs
Risk Test for Diabetes

1 out of 3 adults have pre-diabetes … and 90% don’t know it! Take the test below to find your Type 2 Diabetes risk.

People are achieving great results with the YMCA

Diabetes Prevention program which is proven to preventor delay Type 2 Diabetes in high-risk people by 58% or more.

Diabetes Prevention Program Heart Healthy Contract = Wellness Incentive of $100 with certificate of completion (contract).

Diabetes Self-Management Program:

– Work with NVRH Registered Dietitian(Sharon Anderson) for weight management. Free to employee.

Individual visits and Life with Diabetes (4 part group learning series) for those with Diabetes. Covered by NVRH health insurance plan. (would have to find the specifics on coverage).

Diabetes testing supplies at discounted rate through NVRH SPD

Diabetes Support Group (meets every other month – meal included, donations accepted)

Healthy Eating – Happy Cooking (3 class series on nutrition with cooking demos and recipes. By donation to cover the cost of the meals included)

YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program (12-month program offering education and group support to maintain healthy lifestyle change and reduce risk of diabetes by almost 60%)

Wellness Workshops through Community Connections:

Healthier Living Workshop (6 class series – Free)

Chronic Pain Workshop (6 class series – Free)

Additional Resources:

NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING ASSISTANCE: The hospital Registered Dietician directs programs for both adult and adolescent weight management. Employees are eligible to participate at no charge.

ST. JOHNSBURY FIELDHOUSE PASSES: A limited number of free passes to the St.Johnsbury Academy Fieldhouse are available to employees on a daily basis. The Fieldhouse has an Olympic-sized swimming pool, basketball courts, a weight room and cardiovascular equipment room. Please contact the Fieldhouse for more information @ 802-751-2121.

NVRH CARDIAC REHAB AEROBIC EQUIPMENT: Free employee use of the aerobic equipment in Cardiac Rehab on the 3rd floor during non-patient hours. Be sure to contact Cardiac Rehab at ext. 7401 for availability and to schedule an initial training on safe equipment use.

PATIENT/EMPLOYEE CHAPLAIN: Chaplaincy services are available on a full time basis for any patient, family, or employee requiring assistance or guidance. A Chapel is located on the premises for private consultation.

Wellness Newsletters

Human Resources Assistants
Hilary DeCarlo and Paula Gaskin

Laura Malieswski, HR Specialist
Chris Allsop, Human Resources Manager